Val-USA Autos Engine for Life Guarantee

Engine for Life Guarantee in Jacksonville, FL


At Val-USA Autos in Jacksonville, Florida, we value your loyalty. That’s why we offer our customers a limited lifetime engine guarantee with every purchase of a qualifying pre-owned vehicle.

The Val-USA Advantage: Engine for Life

With the Val-USA Advantage, we guarantee your engine as long as your vehicle. The warranty has no time limit, no mileage restrictions, and no deductible. If anything goes wrong with your car’s engine at any point, such as a failed pump or damaged exhaust, bring it to us, and we’ll cover up to:

  • $3,500 engine replacement
  • $1,125 oil pump assembly
  • $1,900 timing chain/gears
  • $1,800 piston/rings
  • $1,250 intake/exhaust valves replacement
  • $1,300 lifter replacement
  • 100% parts and labor at no cost to you

To take advantage of this limited lifetime engine guarantee, view our inventory of qualifying pre-owned vehicles online and check out our deals for under $10K. For more information about Val-USA Autos or this special offer, contact us today.


*6 year/100,000 mile warranty. Qualifying Pre-Owned vehicles, See membership agreement for details.

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